5 Brilliant Ways to Improve Your Garden

Gardening can be a headache especially for someone who doesn’t have a green thumb. We’ve compiled some of the best gardening tips to take your home garden the next level. Have some next level gardening tips? Comment them down below and share the love!

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Egg Shells
Turn your egg shell compost into a calcium boost for your plants. Simply put them in a blender or in a plastic zip lock bag to crush them up into tiny pieces and then sprinkle around the plants!
Image Via: Nicole Franzen Photography

Vegetable Water 

Next time you boil vegetables on the stove top, save the water instead of pouring it down the drain. The water contains important nutrients that can benefit your plants. Now there’s even more of a reason to eat your veggies!


 Don’t trash the bouquet of roses from your bad date! After flowers have wilted, cut the stems and stick them into potatoes so they can absorb the water needed to grow their roots! You’ll have a beautiful rose bush in no time.
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Image Via: Amateur Gardening

Weeds be gone! Vinegar is a great safe alternative to be used as a herbicide. Not only is it safe to use but it’s super inexpensive and you probably already have it in your kitchen pantry.
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Soda Bottles
Recycling old soda bottles is great for the environment, but you can also use your plastic soda bottles in the garden too! Simply puncture holes around the perimeter of the bottle and plant them next to your plants and flowers. The holes will make it easier for water and rain to reach the root of the plants so they can grow to their full potential.
Image via: sovetysadovodam